Assistance to Foreign Publishers

Service and Support

For our international clients, in addition to the standard order processing and shipping functions we provide a contact point and office in the US for customer service. This is the type of service that you provide in your office, and we provide the same for your customers here. For example, perhaps a shipment is held in customs, or an author needs books sent for an exhibition. Maybe there is an inquiry about the book's contents, or a shipment needs to be sent overnight air to meet a deadline. We do whatever is necessary to facilitate your sales.

Assistance Establishing US Policies

We help our international clients establish policies that will promote their sales in the US marketplace. The expectations of re-sellers in the United States may be different than in another country, and adhering to foreign rules could hurt sales here. We work with our clients to establish pricing, discounts, and policies that are in line with other US publishing companies and meet the wholesalers' standard expectations.

Books in Print Listing

In order for books to be listed in Bowker's Books in Print as available in the United States, US and Foreign publishers are required to have an exclusive US distributor. When a foreign publisher becomes our client they qualify for this listing.

Library Approval Plans

When the titles are appropriate, we work to get our clients accepted into Library Approval Plans. These programs are for publishers with five or more new titles per year of significant interest to academic, public, and corporate libraries. Library Approval Plans are important to the scientific and academic publishers in reaching a larger market with the least cost.