Why Have a Distributor?

Listing in "Books in Print"

US and foreign publishers wishing to sell books in America need to have an exclusive distributor to be listed in "Books in Print," the national database listing all titles currently in print and available in the USA.

Titles available to Reviewers, Libraries, Bookstores, Wholesalers

The "Books in Print" database is the resource that vendors, bookstores, chain stores (Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.), wholesalers, and others (like Amazon.com) use for placing orders. These customers require a single USA address to place orders, make payments, and process returns. Wholesalers will not order from a foreign publisher without an exclusive US distributor.

Amazon.com picks up new titles from "Books in Print"

Being listed as available in "Books in Print" also allows your titles to be listed on Amazon.com.

Your List is Part of a Larger Sales Entity

Wholesalers have recently been dropping publishers because individually they do not qualify in terms of sales volume or numbers of new titles per year. A publisher under the umbrella of Enfield Distribution will qualify to be included in certain Library Approval Plans and distribution arrangements.

Enfield's Advantage

  • 20 years of experience
  • customized arrangements and discount schedules
  • we watch out for your interests, reporting sales opportunities we identify, sales patterns, reviewers, websites, new customers
  • personalized attention to your titles, your customers, your priorities, and your company by a dedicated and knowledgeable staff.